What Causes False Positive Pregnancy Test and How Can You Avoid It?

If you think you are experiencing symptoms of early signs of pregnancy then it is best to get your own home pregnancy test to know the good news as early as possible. There is a lot of over the counter home pregnancy test available in the market. You will have a hard time choosing which brands to use since most of this home pregnancy test claims ninety-nine percent accurate. However, be aware that this instrument can also give a false positive result or the other way around. In fact, if you care to read online, there are testimonies and comments from several women claimed to have a false positive result. Indeed, there are rare cases with false positive pregnancy test result.  Read further to know some of the possible reasons why you get inaccurate results.

What Are The Reasons for False Positive Pregnancy Test?

false positive pregnancy testFollowing are the most common reasons that you might have a false positive result:

1) Not Following Instructions
2) Interfering Antibodies
3) Medications
4) Certain Medical Condition
5) Exposure to Detergent or Soap
6) Defective Pregnancy Test Kit

1) Not Following Instructions

Not following the instructions in the home pregnancy test kit can produce to a false positive result. It is essential that you read the instructions on how to use the kit before you start testing.  If you read closely, the directions are clearly given and you are informed too when the test result is ready to be interpreted or when the result is no longer valid. There are some test results which were faint to read already if you read after the given instructed time. The ordeal of waiting is understandable and three minutes for you might seem eternal, but it is worth to follow all directions to the dot to get an accurate result.

Getting a negative result when you are expecting to be pregnant is quite frustrating. The tendency for other women is to try to check again after the three minutes testing is gone. Worst part is, some even have to dig it out from the trash just to be sure if the result is really negative. This is one of the reasons why you get false positive results. You know very well that the results you find after the given directed time is no longer accurate. The home pregnancy test kit is ninety-nine percent accurate as long as you follow the instructions to the dot.

2) False Positive Pregnancy Test Due to Interfering Antibodies

The human blood normally contains various kinds of antibodies. This antibody is molecules which are made by the immune system that neutralize and identify invaders like viruses and bacteria. The animals make antibodies too and it is their antibodies that are used to make the components of HCG tests. Unfortunately there are people whose immune system produce antibodies that reacts against animal antibodies. This animal antibody present in HCG test can produce to a false positive HCG test result. This antibody is what we call the interfering antibodies. In cases like this, it is the doctor who can assess the real situation. If the result fits the clinical examination of the patient. If not, further test can be given just to make sure you are getting the right results.

3) Due to Certain Medications

Some women wondered why they get a false positive result when they already follow instructions. Another reason why you get a false positive result is when you are taking certain medications that might interfere with test results. Certain medications like phenothiazine, Ambien, medications which prevent seizures and Parkinson Disease; and Phenothiazine drugs can affect the results. 

Any tranquilizer medicine may interfere with the results. Women who are receiving HCG therapy too to correct fertility problem should consult their doctor too on how accurate home pregnancy test are and if it is, she should ask when is the best time to take the test. Sometimes the urine can contain large amount of protein or blood and this too can lead to inaccurate result.

This does not only affect the results of home pregnancy test, but even a false positive pregnancy blood test.  It is the task of your doctor if your pregnancy blood test relates to your present condition. It is only your doctor who can assess your present health condition. Even a false positive digital pregnancy test is derive if you are taking any of the above medications. If you are taking any of the medications above then consult your doctor before taking any pregnancy test.

4) Due to Certain Medical Conditions

This case is very rare yet it can happen. If there are certain medical medications that can interfere with the result there is also a certain medical condition that can lead to inaccurate result. Thus, if you get a false positive result, go visit your doctor for further check-up just to be sure. There is a certain type of cancer like the choriocarcinoma which can cause an increase of HCG level. Other types of cancer like ovarian and breast cancer can also lead to a false positive result.

5) Exposure to Detergents or Soap

Extra care should be given while testing your urine. If you are collecting a sample of urine in a cap for testing, make sure that the cap is clean and free of any soap leftover. Cleaning materials like soaps or detergents can also cause false positive results.  So make sure that your urine collection is free of such exposure.

6) Due to Defective Pregnancy Test Kit

Faulty or expired home pregnancy test can give inaccurate results. It is important that you check the expiration date before you buy one. Also, if you have an old stock of home pregnancy test that has been stocked in your cabinet for a long while, using it is not a good idea. You had better buy a new one just to make sure.  If you have a positive result, but you are not really sure with the result then consult your doctor or you can do another pregnancy test a week later and if possible you use the digital home pregnancy test. The digital home pregnancy test is very easy to read, you do not have to interpret anything, and it will tell you directly if you are pregnant or not pregnant. That is why most women prefer this kit because of convenience. It can detect as early as four days before your missed period.

It is such a joy to know the good news only to know in the end that it is a false positive result is a very frustrating experience. Some may even get so depressed and angry. Some may even lose the confidence of using a home pregnancy test, but know for a fact that not everything can work out a hundred percent right. There are factors too that can lead to a false positive reading. This thing we have to consider that is why a doctor’s visit is always a must. If you really feel that you are pregnant then visit your doctor. That is the best way to be sure whether you are pregnant or not. Besides if you are not pregnant, there must be a reason why you are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy. There might be other medical conditions that need attention. There are symptoms that you might think you are pregnant, but may be a symptom of another medical condition. Your doctor can best assess your condition.

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