How Early Can Pregnancy Be Detected and How To Go About It?

How early can pregnancy be detected? This is just one of the most common question women asked. The sure way to confirm pregnancy is through a pregnancy test. There are symptoms too that may indicate pregnancy. A missed period for one is one reason why a woman thinks she is pregnant and would lead one to test for confirmation. However, if you haven’t missed your period yet, it is hard to tell whether you are pregnant or not. You have no option but to wait for several days before you can have an early pregnancy test.

How Early Can Pregnancy Be Detected and How Pregnancy Tests Work?

how early can pregnancy be detectedThere are many brands of home pregnancy test that allows you to test even before a missed period.  If you have been trying to conceive and you are quite anxious to know if you have successfully conceived, you can use one of those early home pregnancy kits. Just make sure that you choose one that is sensitive enough to detect early pregnancy. Getting a false positive result is no fun at all.

How does Pregnancy Test Work?

If an egg is successfully fertilized, it travels to the Fallopian tube and stay there for three days before it travels down to the uterus and implants the embryo in the uterine wall. This happens around six to twelve days after conception. When the embryo has successfully implanted in the uterine wall, the hormone HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropins now secreting from the developing placenta.  As the pregnancy progressed the amount of HCG hormone secreted increases.

A pregnancy tests detect the presence of HCG hormone in the blood or urine. The blood tests are done in the lab while urine test is done in the privacy of your home. Most women preferred to use the home pregnancy test because they can do the testing in private and on their own. No one has to know until the good news is really confirmed positive.

Early Pregnancy Test

Thanks to the new technology the waiting has been cut off for several days. You do not have to wait for two weeks after ovulation to test for pregnancy. There is plenty of home pregnancy test available and you can buy it over the counter or you can order it online. Choose one that can detect low-level of HCG. Most home pregnancy tests can detect levels of HCG at 50 mIU/ml and above. However, there are sensitive home pregnancy test that can detect HCG level as low as 20mIU/ml. Make sure to use one of this sensitive home pregnancy test if you plan to test early.

When buying always reads the description of the package. You will know how sensitive the test is and check out the expiration date of the kit. Sometimes you buy one too hastily only to find out that it is already expired. The expired pregnancy test won’t work right anymore and won’t deliver accurate results at all.

How early can pregnancy be detected? Because of the sensitivity of this home pregnancy test you can now find out if you are pregnant as early as seven days after ovulation. That is the earliest days to have the test and confirm whether you are pregnant or not. But if you want 99% or more accuracy in your results, you can take the pregnancy test on the day of your expected period.

Accuracy of Early Test

Take note that if you test early, there is always a possibility that you may get a false negative result. This means that you are pregnant, but the test was not able to detect yet the hormone in your urine. In this case, it is better to wait more days, if possible take the pregnancy test again on the day of your expected period. That will generate a 99% accurate result. Another reason why a home pregnancy test fails to deliver the right result is because you did not follow instructions closely. This can severely affect the results so if you are testing, make sure to read the instructions closely and follow it.

Other ways that may lead you to think that you are pregnant are the changes that you observe in your body. A woman knows her own body well she knows when something unusual is happening inside her. This is what we call the early signs of pregnancy. Before any test can confirm that one is pregnant, some women have already experienced signs and symptoms of pregnancy as early as the day after conception.

How early can pregnancy symptoms be detected?

This depends from one woman to another. Some experience early signs of pregnancy, as early as two weeks from their last period while others may experience at later times. The degree of severity of the symptoms also varies from one woman to another.

Earliest signs of pregnancy

Below are the most common early signs of pregnancy. If you think you are experiencing almost all of it then better take extra care of yourself for you will soon experience the joys and hardships of being a mother.

1) Fatigue
2) Breast Tenderness
3) Nausea/Dizziness
4) Sensitivity to Specific Smell

1) Fatigue. This is one sign that is common to all pregnant women. They easily got tired and sleep a lot despite, that fact that they have slept long hours at night. This is due to the rapid increase of hormone in the body. Also, your body is working overtime now to support the developing fetus inside you. So if you are feeling tired, take a nap and rest every now and then.

2) Breast tenderness. Just before your period, you will also experience breast tenderness.  The difference here is that it starts too early unlike when you are expecting your period, you feel breast tenderness around two to three days before your expected period. When you are pregnant it can start much earlier than that and it continues for the whole duration of your pregnancy. Wear a supportive bra to minimize the soreness you feel.

3) Nausea/Dizziness.  Nausea and dizziness often strike you any time of the day. It’s just a myth when they say that nausea only strikes you in the morning thus they call it “morning sickness”. Yes there is some truth about it because some women experience the queasy feeling early morning when they wake-up, but not all suffers the same. It can strike you in the evening, midday or morning. The symptoms get severe sometimes when you do not eat and skip meals because you feel too sick to eat. This should not be the case. The more empty your stomach, the more the symptoms prevail. Instead of eating major meals, just try to eat small meals throughout the day and drink plenty of fluids.

4) Sensitivity to specific smell. This is one that often contributes to nausea. Pregnant women develop sensitivity in certain smells. Some does not like the smell of certain food or certain smells of cologne. Just smelling it will make them too sick. Avoid those smells that your senses cannot take.

Other early signs of pregnancy include vaginal discharge, spotting or bleeding; middle cramps, back pains, food craving, frequent urination, mood swings, headache and missed period.  If you think you are experiencing most of these symptoms then get yourself a home pregnancy test. A pregnancy tests is the only way to confirm whether you are really pregnant or not. The question “How early can pregnancy be detected?” really depends on when implantation takes place because that’s the only time when HCG is detected.

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